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An indie film 

noir becomes the scene

of an unusual audition;

in this short film about the

misunderstandings that accompany

a multilingual actress, trying to land her

next gig.


Ilona McCrea, Eduardo Ramos, Welland H. Scripps,

Anna Holbrook and Steven Ted Beckler.

Ilona McCrea and Eduardo Ramos in Accent Fatale

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A comedy-drama by Ilona McCrea & Matthew Ackland

a short film by Ilona McCrea


Runtime: 14:37mins


Lorna attempts to reach out to her estranged daughter, revealing some stark truths; in this drama about a retired vocalist who finds comfort and companionship through memories.​



Elizabeth Shepherd

Julian Black Antelope

Ilona McCrea

Dear Kate a short film by Ilona McCrea starring Elizabeth Shepherd

Dear Kate

13 nominations & awards

For more details, please visit: www.dearkatefilm.com

Caroline Buzanko "Dear Kate" Film
Ilona McCrea "Dear Kate" Film
Elizabeth Shepherd "Dear Kate" film
Steven Lubiarz and Melody Greenway "Dear Kate" Film
Samantha Robinson "Dear Kate" film
Julian Black Antelope and Elizabeth Shepherd "Dear Kate" Film
Ilona McCrea in "Dear Kate" film
"Dear Kate" film - Lorna's Letter

Dear Kate is now at the

National Screen Institute.